How do YOU do it all?

How do YOU do it all?

Hi guys

We are heading into week three of Term 4 and it’s busy, busy, busy at Love2Swim School!

I love this time of year as there’s always so much happening and there’s a real buzz around town as the weather warms up. With two Love2Swim School locations now open (Kirwan and Rasmussen) we are busier than ever. It’s fantastic to see so many children, babies and their parents at swimming lessons, and there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing their progress each week.

I have also just started an AQUA BOOTCAMP, which I am so excited about. We have land and water based workouts, nutrition plans and support all in place – now for the hard work! I cannot wait to see everyone’s transformations over the next eight weeks!

With so much going on, one question I often get asked is “How do you do it all – work, family, running a household and socialising?” Well the short answer is, I don’t! Like everyone else I often feel like I am failing in all aspects of life because I have so much going on. But I am lucky to have help from family and friends, and we also have a great team at Love2Swim School and Kirwan Aquatic Centre. But I thrive on being busy and I love what I do.

However, if people do ask me for advice, my number one tip is to try to be as prepared as possible for each week. Whether that means cooking meals in advance, having a family schedule, delegating and sharing the housework, and writing lists and goals for each day (make them realistic).

I also think having time for yourself is so important for your mental and physical health, as well as the rest of your family’s. “Me time” could include allowing setting aside half an hour a day for exercise, catching up with a friend for coffee, or even booking a massage!

I think as parents we shouldn’t pretend that we can “do it all”. That’s not realistic. We are all doing the best we can and there’s no shame in asking for help, as they say, “it takes a village!”

What are your tips for busy parents? How do you stay on top of it all? I’d love to get your advice...there’s still seven weeks of term to go! Haha

Until next time,


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